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NF Audio NA2+ Single DD IEM

NF Audio has just introduced its latest single Dynamic pair of In-Ear Monitors, the NF Audio NA2+. NF Audio is a new name in the western audio market but they are reputed manufacturers of Customised earphones i... Read More
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BGVP DM8 Review – Good on Paper

TLDR: The BGVP DM8 is not a good recommendation from my perspective. The tuning is not to my preference &  I had several quality-related issues with the first set that I received. The BGVP DM8 was purchased with my own money from Penon Audio, then repla... Read More

Fiio FH5s 2DD+2BA IEM

FiiO all-new 2 Dynamic Drivers 2 Balanced Armatures In-Ear Monitors FH5s announced. FH5s will have a semi-open architecture with 2 Balanced Armatures+2 Dynamic Drivers. A 12mm beryllium-plated diaphragm... Read More

Reecho SG-03 Dynamic Driver IEM

Reecho just dropped their latest pair of entry-level in-ear monitors, the Reecho SG-03. The Reecho SG-03 has been developed after extensive research on the human ear measurement database to create an intelligent synthetic ear cavity model. The ear cavities ar... Read More


The latest in-ear monitor from BGVP is NS9 with 9 drivers on both sides, a dual dynamic driver and 7 balanced armature drivers from Knowles and Sonion. The BGVP NS9 also has a changeable nozzle for different so... Read More

Moondrop Aria 2021

Moondrop has revived its single-DD budget IEM “Aria” in an all-new avatar. They discontinued the older bullet-style Aria weeks ago and today, they have released it again with an all-new design and aes... Read More

Ovidius B1 Portable DAC/AMP

The Ovidius B1 is a high-performance portable USB DAC/AMP equipped with a 24-Bit AKM DAC chip and an independent Amplification circuit. It drastically improves the audio output quality from your smartphone with its professional audio signal decoding and amplif... Read More

BQEYZ Summer Hybrid IEM

After Spring 1 and Spring 2 BQEYZ is back with their next flagship IEM, BQEYZ Summer. Again an hybrid driver model like Spring's, a 13mm dynamic driver, a new customized balanced armature and a 5-layer piezoele... Read More


Dunu released their latest hybrid pair this time with a triple-hybrid setup consisting of a DD, BA, and two EST drivers, called the DUNU EST112. It sets a new benchmark for the hybrid IEMs with its unique tripl... Read More

Colorfly Quintet 1DD+4BA

Today, the Colorfly 1DD+4BA driver "Quintet" was officially released. The Quintet uses a three-way five-unit composite system, equipped with  2BA+2BA, and a 9.5mm titanium-coated dynamic driver. The 9.5mm dynamic driver is wound with a large blac... Read More

TRN BA15 Flagship 15BA IEM

TRN announced their latest flagship multi-BA pair of IEMs, the TRN BA15 that features a huge driver configuration of 15 Balanced Armature drivers on each side, so a total of 30 BA units in a single pair, exciti... Read More

HiBy Crystal 6

The Hiby Crystal 6 as the name suggests is equipped with a six Balanced Armature driver configuration on both sides. It features Knowles 22955 Low-frequency driver, 2 custom-tuned 1006 BA units for transparent mid-frequencies, 1 custom-tuned 30098, and 2 custo... Read More

Impedance and Sensitivity

Impedance: the rated impedance. This value generally represents the lowest impedance value in the ideal state when the maximum power is reached within the approved frequency range. Because there is a margin, th... Read More